Let love be everything

If this life does not involve me fall into loves arms
If my heart is forced to beat in even rythem, never skipping, never losing track
If I am not to see the world of beauty through anothers eyes
If the stars are forced to be seen as merely gas,

Then tell what good is being a live!
I am a world of emotion erupting beneath this skin
I am eyes always searching for him
I am lungs always breathing joy in
If this life is not about love,
Then do not keep me here.


Ask me

And though the land has seized to be an obstacle between us,
I find you further away 
then when I spent night's in contemplation of the stars,
I am finally able to see your face
but I am hiding behind the face of the moon,
hoping he will continue to send you messages for me,

I am a coward with my heart
I am scattered with my intentions
I am waiting for you to reach for me,
I don't want us to be a story on a page,
help me make this into something real life.
Be the one to ask for it.

It’s quiet without the gasping for air.

The anxiety is gone but I keep searching for it,
Like I’m a kid in search of a beloved toy
I am turning the room of my mind upside down
Screaming ‘why have you abandoned me’
As if I am alone without the voice
As if no one can hold me as tightly as I can pull my body into its self

I can’t find the panic.
I start to question how I know I’m alive if I’m not struggling for breath,
How will I know if it’s morning if I’m not awoken at 2am and then at 4 again,

I’m healing,
yet the comfort of knowing that some days the elephant visits a seat upon my chest has become something I long for,
who I am without the closing in of walls
I need practice at being ‘well ‘


You don’t have to wait

If the world was burning
should I dare to believe that you would want to be standing next to me?
That in the blaze, your hand would reach out to me
and your arms shelter me from the ashy rains.

We have waited for the right moment to create this love
This shelter for our souls,
But if the flames were to rise before we got close
Would you abandon your fears and logic and come to find me?
Move boulders to get to me?

I am sitting playing with matches,
I’ve burnt so many bridges,
My world has been burning for a while now.
I was wondering if you would call.


I have been playing with words for as long as I can remember ,
but somehow I still can’t find the words to say
that will have the power to make love materialise into
something concrete
something that doesn’t hurt
something that lasts forever
I remain rearranging alphabets to spell the words ‘stay’