Let this love be freedom

let love be
like a soft rippled river flowing towards the sea
deep, (a world beneath the world)

let our love spills over
like waterfalls from your arms
a lake of crystal covering me
(we are cleansed in the beauty of
letting go)
in the faith that we are more than ripples
(more than the winter rains and heavy clouds)
we are the whole oceans.

we flow through life
you and I are stardust and magic
(freeing light in the darkest of souls)

let love flow through you
open up to the flood of all you’ve been afraid to feel
reaching out  for all you’ve been afraid to hold
(there is no distance
for I am in you and you are in me )
we are bathed in the tides at night
hugging the shore beneath the  moon
directing the dance of waves

let love wash over you
let it carry you
let it course through your veins
(my love, I am as much you as you are me )
we are we are these rivers and oceans

we freeze, we condense, we transform,
we are the blood of life its’ sweet nectar

let love be the force that ties us together
(let us be free )
let us love


Filling spaces

Maybe it is in writing about you that I have come to lose you.
I filled the growing distance between us with words
I wasn’t brave enough to say to your face.

You are no longer a form I can hold
all I have left is words between lines,
a book on a shelf,
I’d leave this world to be the oak you now rest on.
If only to feel you on me,
To be close.

If needs be

A theoretical beauty of destruction,
The romancing of the Pheonix,
The ashes paint you beautiful images of snow,
I am nothing to be broken or conquered
Like a block of clay waiting to be carved by your hands shaped by your dreams,

I can wait for you
But I will not be made by you
have you to chip away at me till I’m weak enough to need you,
Love was never ownership
Was I never enough?

But now, I am a field of poppies emerging on the battlefield
Like wildflowers, I grow and follow the sun with no map
Love is freedom
if needs be: I can leave and regrow without you

Is it better than indifference?

How does it feel to kill yourself from the inside
To hold your heart in your own first and tighten till the oxygen seeps out
The gulp when you realise it might be your last breath

Love is but a leash tightened around the neck of our souls capable of leading us to safety
But instead, we pull in the wrong direction
Leashes turn to nooses

I’m looking for you
Reaching for you
Calling out
But love has me standing on a stool
And every time you leave
it’s like my heart inches to kick the chair.